Extended Temperature

In contrast to wide temperature, extended temperature allows storage devices to operate stably from -20℃ to 75℃. The testing process is similar to that used for wide temperature, whereby chips are put into an exclusively-designed walk-in chamber. Chips are exposed to rapidly changing extremes of temperature and humidity. Those that pass the test are guaranteed to be durable and reliable for use in mission-critical applications.

Transcend employs extended temperature technology in its SSD lineup, ensuring greater reliability under demanding operating environment.

Some may argue that the difference between wide and extended temperature is subtle (with 20 degrees difference at most). Yet a few degrees of variance may make for a major impact in industrial applications such as healthcare, high-end precision manufacturing, or military applications, where accuracy is a vital requirement and durability is non-negotiable. With this temperature option, Transcend offers a more flexible and diverse range of solutions for embedded applications.

Standard Temp 0℃~70℃
Wide Temp -40℃~85℃
Extended Temp -20℃~75℃

Transcend provides three different temperature ranges for industrial solution. Actual temperature may vary due to different product lineup. Please visit Transcend product page for more detail.

Recommended Products

Transcend offers technology customization options for selected models. Please contact us for more detailed information.

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