Press Release

Transcend Launches Embedded Software Solutions to Facilitate Enterprises' Management of Edge Storage Devices

As the world advances towards the 5G era, smart manufacturing, smart monitoring, and smart cities are growing trends. This leads to the server market in strong growth and edge devices deployed on a big scale. Fast speed, low latency, and frictionless connections are the three pillars of 5G connectivity. Its strengths, however, can also be obstacles for enterprises trying to maintain edge computing devices in support of 5G. To help firms manage their edge devices, Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend®), a worldwide leader in embedded storage solutions, offers embedded software solutions, including Control Center, Scope Pro, TCG Opal Toolbox, and One Touch Recovery. Covering management, monitoring, security, and rescue aspects, these software packages are comprehensive tools enterprise users can employ to painlessly manage edge storage devices.  

An all-inclusive management solution for storage devices
The Control Center presents storage data and system status on an integrated dashboard. With data collection and smart analysis, users are instantly notified by the system to update and maintain storage devices. Timely reminders reduce operating costs and reduce unexpected risks; Scope Pro is specifically suitable for offline storage devices. Firmware updates, secure erase, and system clone can be done with just the click of a button; The TCG Opal Toolbox is double protection for critical data featuring advanced 256-bits AES encryption; One Touch Recovery backs up critical data in advance. When an unexpected crisis occurs, data can be rescued to prevent any loss damage. 

Tailor-made SDK for cross-platform operation
Transcend offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) for seamless integration with different operating systems. Developers can integrate the software smoothly into their own system for a customized, flexible experience, catering to the needs of different industries. 

From the premise to the cloud
Transcend’s embedded software solutions can be deployed on public clouds such as Amazon Web Service(AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, making business more agile and able to deploy further. They can also be deployed in internal networks, which have higher control in data security. 

Transcend’s embedded software solutions are designed for enterprise users. Please visit for detailed information.