Automotive electronics must be reliable and rugged to survive in a harsh environment. Transcend’s industrial-grade memory products are designed and manufactured to withstand shock, vibration, high humidity, and extreme temperatures. Form factors including M.2 SSDs, mSATA SSDs, half-slim SSDs, CF cards, SD cards, and microSD cards are ideal for use in the automotive industry. Transcend’s flash media include high-quality SLC, cost-effective SuperMLC, and durable MLC. In addition, Transcend also offers a series of DrivePro Car Video Recorders that integrate a wide viewing angle and a large aperture for ultra-clear recordings. Each model features a variety of useful functions to meet user needs.

For its transportation solutions, Transcend equips its memory products with a variety of useful features. Intelligent Power Shield safeguards data transfers during an unexpected power outage; Error Correction Code and advanced global Wear-leveling ensure reliable data transfer; SSD Scope Pro software and S.M.A.R.T. functionality provide health monitoring; and block management ensures long-term reliability.

Transcend’s industrial-grade products are made for extremely demanding applications in rugged environments subject to shock, vibration, high humidity, and extreme temperatures. In addition to standardized products, Transcend offers customized high-quality industrial-grade solutions to meet specific application demands.


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