Transcend Information understands that military applications are among the most demanding industries. Thus, Transcend is proud to offer a complete line of ruggedized flash and DRAM memory modules to address the military needs for non-volatile, high-reliability solutions.

Transcend’s memory solutions come in a variety of form factors to accommodate to stringent spatial constraints of different kinds of devices and equipment, including M.2 SSDs, mSATA SSDs, mSATA Mini SSDs, half-slim SSDs, e.MMC memory, CF cards, SO-DIMM and VLP DIMM memory modules.

Military applications are by definition harsh environments, with components subject to mechanical shocks, high humidity, extreme temperatures, as well as hazardous materials. To address these issues, Transcend offers customized high-quality industrial-grade solutions, such as conformal coating, underfill and AES encryption, to meet specific application demands and to ensure optimum endurance and reliability.


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