The growing server market is a demanding sector and one for which reliable storage technologies are indispensable. With the growth of the Internet of Things and mobile internet, servers are now playing an increasingly important role in the storage and distribution of information. For these applications, fault tolerance—reliability—is a major issue. Transcend Information is proud, then, to offer industrial-grade DRAM modules for server and workstation with built-in Error Correction Code. In addition, our SSDs, flash modules, SD, CF, and MMC solutions are also suitable for use in servers.

Transcend’s wide range of wide-temperature, high performance, durable storage solutions feature Error Correction Code, S.M.A.R.T. health monitoring functionality to ensure that vital data is preserved, whether in a stand-alone system or as part of an SSD RAID or other flash storage solution at your data center.

Transcend’s industrial-grade products are made for extremely demanding applications in rugged environments subject to shock, vibration, high humidity, and extreme temperatures. In addition to standardized products, Transcend offers customized high-quality industrial-grade solutions to meet specific application demands.


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