DrivePro™ Body Control Center:
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Only the best for secure and smart digital evidence management.

Control Center
software pre-installed

Body cameras are a great investment that will aid in the investigation process for public or private organizations. When considering such a purchase, however, organizations must take a few things into consideration. Let us break it down for you.

A medium-sized organization that employs, say, 20 to 30 body cameras with officers taking shifts around the clock can generate over 3,000 hours of footage in just one week. That's more than 10,000 hours per month. In six months, these officers will have accumulated 60,000 hours of video footage for which storage space, storage costs, and data retention management all pose a problem. Don't sweat it yet, though. We have a solution.

Introducing the DrivePro Body Control Center

The DrivePro Body Control Center is the whole package - with powerful, all-encompassing software, storage capacity perfect for large-scale evidence management, and the peace of mind that comes with having sensitive data securely archived for future retrieval or permanent deletion.


What does the Control Center offer?

Options that bring hardware and software together.


Vast storage capacity at an accessible price

With up to 16TB storage capacity, the Control Center can store more than 4,000 hours of 1080P video recordings. Files past their retention period can be deleted automatically, keeping the system clean while ensuring there is always sufficient space for new video.

Local database accessed via Gigabit Ethernet

The Gigabit Ethernet connection grants the Control Center several advantages over cloud-based solutions, such as being free of recurring fees and subscriptions, having fast and easy setup, and comprising a relatively independent environment for storing confidential data.

NAS-grade HDDs for heavy workloads and 24/7 operation

NAS-grade HDDs offer durability higher than those usually found in desktop HDDs. They can operate reliably under an 180TB annual workload or for at least 1 million hours.
Transcend also offers models without HDDs. Users can purchase their own preferred NAS-grade hard drives for greater flexibility.

Scalability for mass management

Supporting simultaneous connection of up to 3 DPD6N docking stations, or 18 DrivePro Body 30 or DrivePro Body 60 body cameras, the Control Center makes it easy for small and medium-sized organizations to handle large amounts of evidence efficiently.


Pre-installed software

The DBN1 package comes with Transcend's versatile DrivePro Body Control Center software, just a few user configurations away from being use-ready – which means you are not merely buying hardware—this is the whole package!

Secure centralized server

With all sensitive data locally and securely stored, pinpointing and reviewing critical evidence is easy and safe. The software's intuitive access control allows supervisors to monitor and track records, from user activity to devices' geo-tagging history, meaning a greater level of security.

Easy configuration

The pre-installed software allows users to copy device configuration rules from one camera unit to other connected devices. You can make cameras run automatic firmware upgrades whenever there is a new release, and keep firmware up-to-date across all your DrivePro Body cameras.

From field to court

While human testimony can be fallible, material or video evidence serves as an impartial witness, casting light on a legal situation or helping put things into perspective. However, as trial proceedings can span months or even years, determining which evidence to retain, and which to destroy, can be a matter of life and death.

Transcend's DrivePro Body Control Center software is more than just a reliable eyewitness in this regard. With its wealth of features and comprehensive functionality, the system makes it easy for law enforcement professionals to manage and monitor evidence from the point it is collected to the final courtroom presentation.

  • Status
  • File
  • Server
  • Camera
  • Log Display

  • Monitor device backup and recharge status.
  • Add, remove, or configure docking stations.
  • Monitor DBN1 disk status.
  • Assign users to body cameras.

  • Arrange files by category.
  • Mark files as being of high or low importance.
  • SHA-2 calculation for every imported video or photo.
  • View the geo-tagging history of a recording.

  • Manage data retention policies.
  • Add or remove file categories.
  • Set user permission levels.
  • Add or remove accounts.

  • Set up one camera. Then sync the rest to its settings.
  • Set rules once to automatically format, assign, or unlock in the future.
  • Upgrade firmware for all connected DrivePro Body cameras with just one click.

  • Log every operation for full chain-of-custody tracking.
  • All actions, such as camera assignment, user login, video browsing, and file exporting, are logged for review.

The Control Center is such an easy product to use. We can download files and protect our body cameras with a password to ensure safety, and there is no extra cost for cloud storage services, as is the case with other brands.

Local Police Dept., Europe

Great product with a terrific value. With the Control Center, we could easily manage evidence, store videos, export videos for submission of evidence, and change camera settings.

Local Police Dept., North America

The technical support team was attentive and proactive in their assistance in the initial setup. Operation was smooth, and the Control Center really made it easy to manage footage collected by our security guards on patrol. We could provide greater security for the community.

Homeowners Association, North America

A complete body camera solution suitable for use with:

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Feel free to contact Transcend with any questions you may have. We are ready to help you make the best purchase for your needs!

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